Top 5 Well-Known Trademark Indonesia

Top 5 Well-Known Trademark Indonesia

Because the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights has been increasingly promoting trademark registration, now more and more trademark indonesia have been registered into the database. Registering a trademark is important for the well-being of a business.

There are two categories of intellectual property rights: copyrights and industrial property rights. For industrial property rights it includes patents, trademarks, industrial design rights, integrated circuit layout design rights, trade secret rights, and plant variety rights.

The Infamous Trademark Indonesia

Registering a trademark can help protect the brand of the business. If the owner of a product or service has registered a trademark, the owner will obtain legal protection. This protection can be applied for the name of the business, symbols representing the company, colors, sounds, and logos. By doing so, no other people can use the trademark without the owner's permission. Here are the top 5 well-known trademarks in Indonesia.

1. Indomie

Indomie instant noodles are one of the examples of a well-known Indonesian trademark. The name of the brand has been known by a lot of people around the world. Despite their popularity, Indomie does not stop innovating, as they keep increasing the number of noodle variants released. The brand itself has been registered, including all the names of the products they’ve made.

2. J.Co

If there is  Dunkin Donuts by Americans, there is J.Co by Indonesians. J.Co is a brand specialized in donuts and coffee founded and owned by the Johnny Andrean Group. This brand’s mark also has been registered, and can easily be checked at the WIPO IP Portal. People can only be able to use this trademark with the permission of the owner.

3. Tokopedia

This e-commerce platform, which is identical to the color green, is growing very rapidly. It is considered as one of the e-commerce platforms that is constantly used by Indonesians, mostly for exchanging and buying electronic items. This company also has registered their trademark, and there are around 81 registered marks based on Tokopedia that are owned by PT. Tokopedia, including logos, sounds, and names.

4. Terry Palmer

The Terry Palmer brand is famous for its quality towels. This brand is under the PT. Indah Jaya. Not only successful in the domestic market, Terry Palmer was also successful in penetrating foreign markets. Because the quality is above average, this product has been marketed to oversea countries such as Japan, the United States, and Europe. This brand has registered their mark and there are 42 marks regarding the Terry Palmer registered under the PT. Indah Jaya.

5. Teh Botol Sosro

Teh Botol Sosro can be considered as the pioneer of instant tea in Indonesia, a brand registered by PT Sinar Sosro. The name itself has a literal meaning, which is bottled tea in Indonesian. Their main product is a sweetened jasmine tea. It is highly popular in Indonesia, and since it has been available since 1970, it is now a quite known brand in the World.

Final Words

So, those are the top 5 well-known trademark Indonesia, which also have been registered in the global database on intellectual property. Once registered, other parties are not allowed to freely use these marks without a proper permission from the owners. This is highly beneficial, because it protects the brand as it will receive legal protection. It will certainly become safer to utilize the economic value of the registered mark without fear of violating the law.

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