Things You Should Know About Indonesia Trademark Registration

Things You Should Know About Indonesia Trademark Registration

Indonesia trademark registration can be highly helpful to protect key business assets. Trademarks are one of the various types of Intellectual Property Rights consisting of designs, signs or phrases that can be recognized on the services or products being marketed. The function of a trademark is to differentiate the authenticity of a product from other similar products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Indonesia Trademark Registration

In order to register a trademark in Indonesia, the owner must fulfill two conditions upon registering: the trade mark should have been used by the owner, and it will be used promptly. To avoid a cancellation action, the trademark should always be active for a minimum of three years. Here is some information regarding the trademark registration in Indonesia.

Advantages of Registering Trademark

Registering a trademark has its own benefits. It can be used as a trigger for creativity and innovation and preventing unfair business competition. It also can increase competitiveness, works as the company’s asset and a good support for business development.

The Intellectual Property Rights of Indonesia highly advises business owners to register trademarks to anticipate unexpected events. Having the business’ trademark registered grants full ownership and also exclusive rights to use the trademark in Indonesia.

The owner will be the only one with the right to use the trademark. If someone were to use or violate the trademark, the owner can take legal steps in order to stop the others from using it.

Also, if the trademark is successfully registered, it can also increase and maintain the value of product quality, and the customer’s trust and loyalty will always be sustained. In addition, trademark registration is also useful for better marketing reach. So, whether it’s a trademark from a Small and Medium Enterprises or non-SMEs, registering a mark will be very beneficial and recommended.

Disadvantages of Not Registering Trademark

Indonesia provides trademark protection for ten years from the time it is registered. That way, the owner will have that period of time to use the brand. As long as the brand is registered, the owner will feel more comfortable and safe in marketing the product with that brand.

However, if the mark is not registered immediately, there will be a great risk of trademark misuse. An unregistered mark may be used improperly. If someone misuses it with the aim of causing harm, it will endanger the business being built.

In addition, the original owner cannot sue the perpetrator to court because the mark is still not registered. So, the owner has no right to report. But if the mark has been registered, the owner can make a report that the mark has been used without permission.

Not only that, if the trademark is not registered then the original owner cannot get the exclusive rights. It is right to allow other people to use the brand. In addition, there is also the right to prohibit others from using the mark you created and the right to transfer or license the rights of the mark.


Trademarks are essential for business, and registering them can give certain benefits. There are several advantages from Indonesia trademark registration, and if owners decided not to register their trademarks, there could be disadvantages. That is why registering trademarks are highly advised either for Small and Medium Enterprises or non-SMEs.

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